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Feb 20

Capacity ?… I Think I’ve Heard Of That… part 2

Capacity Management in the Business Cycle

In the previous article (Capacity ?… I Think I’ve Heard Of That… part 1) we discussed the difference between capacity and performance, and where the two overlap – which is quite a lot !   In this article when companies should start to implement Capacity Management.   Firstly, let us look at the classic business cycle …

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Jan 17

Capacity ?… I Think I’ve Heard Of That… part 1


Capacity, what is capacity ? Well, it seems to be quite elusive; it’s normally spoken of as something we don’t have enough of, and yet when we try to measure it we seem to have too much ? How can this be ?   Perhaps a couple of definitions of capacity are pertinent[1]: the maximum amount or number that can be received or contained. …

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